Real Football 2015

Real Football 2015 for BlackBerry

Soccer game that comes up short

Real Football 2015 is a soccer game for BlackBerry, which fails to hit the target.

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  • Lots of game modes
  • Customizable team tactics


  • Fiddly controls
  • Underwhelming graphics
  • Poor sound effects
  • Lack of licensed teams and players

Not bad

Real Football 2015 is a soccer game for BlackBerry, which fails to hit the target.

Modes aplenty

Although there are several game modes (cup, league, friendly, and training) and lots of teams to choose from, Real Football 2015 is quite unrealistic, especially if you're used to slick soccer sims like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer on PC and consoles.

The licensing is one of the main issues. Real Football 2015 doesn't include real player names, licensed team strips, or official competitions. There are five stadiums in the game to choose from which may resemble real life grounds, but again these aren't called by their real life stadium equivalents.

Shoddy controls

Controls in Real Football 2015 are basic to say the least. You move from point A to point B on the pitch by holding down your finger where you want to run to. Passing is done by touching the player you want to hit the ball to, and shooting is done by touching the goal.

This control system in Real Football 2015 is about as simple as it can be. Still, it takes a bit of practice to master, though thankfully the game has tutorials and a training mode.

Poor graphics

If you're used to modern day soccer games with photo realistic player likenesses, slick ball physics, and pulsating stadium sound effects, you'll find the presentation of Real Football 2015 to be laughable. The graphics are blocky and lack finesse, and the sound effects out there on the pitch are limited to the sound of the ball being kicked.

Not the best

If you want a slightly more realistic soccer game for Nokia S40, try FIFA 13 instead.

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